Jewelry Organization – Towel Rack

jawery-organization-1 Jewelry becomes an absolute mess whenever you acquire so much of it! I am a lover of jewelry and I have run out of room in my room, my drawers, my dressers, and my floor is starting to be taken over by jewelry. Necklaces are tangled together and my room is just a mess. Now I have started to find different ways to get that stuff off of the floor and my dressers and onto the walls, but also easily accessible.

I started browsing through ideas and got some ideas from my cousins. This is one of the ideas that I found and gathered from the internet and friends. I have two shower racks in my bathroom and one of them I don’t ever use. I decided it was time to change out my shower curtain (who doesn’t love a change of scenery once in a while?) and used the old hooks on my extra rack. I have a few strands of necklaces on each one and it is perfect! They are out of the way and easily accessible!

My next project are getting my earrings in a great place, stay tuned for some more ideas!

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