Pastel Season is Coming!

Right around this time of year people start moving from the boring dark winter colors and make their way to pastels! Pastel season is upon us! This time of year you get to watch the flowers grow and see the colors in the world, but also you get to wear the colors. Finders Keepers Jewelry has you covered for this pastel season.

On the right you will seven of our pastel pieces that are all currently in stock and online. There are links below to help direct you to these items and more! If you don’t see something you like on this picture, don’t worry, there is more pastel online that we couldn’t fit it in this picture.

Pastel Jewelry Collage

Let us know which is your favorite below!

Left Column Middle – Celtic Cross Earrings – Gold Tone

Top Left – Upscale Boutique Earrings – Pale Aqua

Bottom Left – Boutique Style Earrings – Trixy

Top Right – Anchor Bracelet – Pale Pink

Right Column Middle – Boutique Earrings – Zoya

Right Bottom – Adorable Hoop Earrings – Queenie

Center – Anchor Pendant Necklace Set – Pale Pink

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