Be Mindful: Four Safety Tips When Wearing Large Hoop Earrings

I was told a story when I was seven-years-old. It was about an older girl, one of those beautiful, glamorous, high school goddesses that we all admired when we were in the second grade. This girl, whoever she was, had lovely waist length chestnut hair, and she loved wearing large hoop earrings. One day in the school hallway, a younger boy came running past her and grabbed a piece of her hair as he ran, pulling it. But, her long hair had gotten looped through her large earring and as he ran; he ripped the earring from her earlobe resulting in the hallway becoming flooded with blood and the girl needing months of major surgery to sew her ear back on. This is a true story. At least, it’s true that I heard it when I was seven. There was probably never any such girl. And although I swore never to wear large hoop earrings when I grew up, I do now without worry. But I take some precautions. Here are four safety tips when wearing large hoop earrings.

1) Wear your hair up

You won’t rip out your whole ear like our poor fictional high school queen, but you could cause yourself a little bit of pain if the earring pulls on your hair when you turn your head. As well, having hair tangled up in your earrings doesn’t look all that good. Certainly not as sophisticated as you will look with the earrings on display alone at the side of your face and your hair pulled back stylishly.


2) Put the earrings on last

You could cause a little bit of pain and pulling if your earring catches on your clothing, but you are more likely to damage the clothing, or the earring itself, when it snags on your knitwear and tears it, or pulls out of your ear and gets lost. So, get dressed first and put the earrings on last. Remember the earring when you take things off as well. I lose most of my earrings in the winter when I take off scarves and coats.

3) Babies and pets love the shiny

Dogs jump, cats swat and babies pull. These three have enough strength, or downward momentum to really hurt you. Consider where you are going when you put the earrings on in the morning.

4) No need to dress for athletic events

Sports really doesn’t require glamorous accessories, so keep them off for high energy activities, especially rough team sports. There is a lot of potential for damage here. Any activity that involves people at close quarters behaving boisterously is an activity where studs are more appropriate.

Hoops are always in fashion, and always gorgeous. They look good on everyone, and they make women feel good. You can find a great selection of large hoop earrings at Finders Keepers Jewelry to make you feel good about your look. Wear them with confidence, but don’t forget to be careful to wear them safely so that there is no damage to you or your clothes.


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