Caring For Your Fashion Jewelry and Costume Jewelry

Caring for your fashion jewelry and costume jewelry is easy; all it needs is a quick wipe! Fashion jewelry begins to tarnish after repeated exposure to moistures, such as oils, salts and acids. The number one culprit is, perhaps not surprisingly, our skin. To help preserve your favorite pieces, just wipe each piece of jewelry with a clean, soft cloth immediately after you remove it. Giving your fashion jewelry a quick wipe after wearing it is an easy way to remove any traces of oil, salt or acid so that your jewelry keeps looking bright, brilliant and good as new.

Put it Away

This might seem obvious, but storing your fashion jewelry in its case, or in a designated jewelry box, is a great way to protect your jewelry from collecting dirt and dust or being exposed to the harmful moisture of the open air. Many people, however, don’t bother to put their jewelry away, leaving it out on dressers or vanities, but this simple step can ensure your pieces last for years to come, and continue looking their best. You can also slip in some moisture-absorbing products into your jewelry cases, like small silica packets (those little white packages that come with shoes and suitcases), for extra protection. If you don’t have these on hand, however, just make sure that your fashion jewelry is clean and dry before putting it away, and always store your pieces separately.

Take it OffCaringForYourFashionJewelryandCostumeJewelry

Always remove your fashion and costume jewelry before engaging in any kinds of activities that will expose your jewelry to moisture, such as showering, swimming, or any kind of exercise. If you can, keep some re-sealable plastic bags in your medicine cabinet so that when you go to take a shower or bath, you can simply take off your jewelry and slip it into a re-sealable plastic bag to keep it dry. Or, if you have time, take off your jewelry in a room or area where it will not be exposed to excess moisture in the air (a bedroom, for example, is a far better place to store your jewelry than a bathroom). And, when you hit up the gym, make sure that you’ve removed all of your fashion jewelry; even mild perspiration can cause your jewelry to tarnish over time. Caring for your fashion jewelry and costume jewelry doesn’t take a lot of time, just a few extra minutes here and there.

Buff It Off (Gently)

If your fashion jewelry is showing signs of minor tarnishing, you can buff it off with a jewelry polishing cloth. But go easy: trying to remove heavy tarnishing may in fact remove the gold or metal finish on the piece, so always buff gently and with caution. To avoid scratching your jewelry, store it in soft cloth containers, or in a container with a soft cloth wrapped around it (eyeglass cloths work well for this). With just a little bit of TLC, your costume jewelry will continue looking like new for years to come!

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