Express Your Sense Of Style – Fashion Jewelry Trends 2015

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This is a great year for those who love Trendy Fashion Jewelry!  Fashion Jewelry Trends in 2015 are all about YOU expressing your style.  Gone are the days when there were rules in how you are to wear your jewelry…the “Unspoken Rules” that you are to wear only one simple necklace, one simple pair of earrings, etc., etc., etc.

This year, it’s all about making a statement about who you are!  Whether you are into the simple and chic, or bold and dramatic, YOU are in style.  Your jewelry reflects a lot about you and your sense of style…in other words, “Don’t leave home without accessorizing!  You don’t have to break the bank to find that perfect Necklace, Bracelet, etc. to create your perfect style.  Speaking of Statement, the Best Statement Necklaces are always found at Finders Keepers Jewelry.  We are always adding Jewelry on Trend, Jewelry on Budget.  Here are a few of our favorite Statement Necklaces for Women:

statement necklaces for women Statement Necklaces for Women (2)








Another popular style of Fashion Jewelry hitting the runway fashion is our collection of Christian Jewelry for Women.  You’ll be impressed with the additions coming weekly to our Inspirational Christian Jewelry collection.  These items include Leather Christian Bracelets, Cross Beaded Bracelets, and Contemporary Christian Jewelry.  A sampling of our collection is pictured below, some of these gorgeous pieces will be added in October.  You don’t want to miss, so you’ll always want to keep checking Finders Keepers Jewelry daily.  Just a warning, we sell out fast with our Cross Jewelry collection as they are sensational Christian Gifts for Women!  Here are a few of our favorites!

Christian Gifts for Womenchristian Gifts for women (2)Christian Jewelry for WomenFG73A

This year, it’s all about making a statement about who you are!  Do you love pearls?  The more the better.  Layer your Pearl Necklaces creating a dramatic flair while keeping with your inner femininity.  To assist you, Finders Keepers Jewelry has an extra long, 34 inch, pearl necklace which can be sized to your liking.  Many clients purchase several to layer their pearls from high to low. And add them with a Vintage Chic 14 inch Collar Necklace.  (This item coming to our store October 15)


We have close to one thousand Necklaces in a variety of styles from Extra Long Necklaces to Semi Precious Stone Necklaces, as well as a large selection in gold and silver.  You’ll be impressed with the selection of 2015 Jewelry Trends all designed with you in mind.  New items are always added daily.  That being said, we can’t forget your wrists!

Layering is continuing to be popular this year.  This includes subtle layers with just a few Bangles, to creating a bold design including Charm Bracelets, Stretch Bracelets, paired beautifully with Bangle Bracelets!  Here are a few must haves that you need to add to your Trendy Boutique Jewelry collection!

Cuff Bracelets for women are the perfect go to bracelet.  Why?  They are fabulous for a day at the office and transition beautifully well into the evening!  Here are a couple of our favorites!

Stone Cuff Bracelet Butterfly bracelets for womenMaking a strong fashion style this year is the continued resurgent of leather bracelets.  You’ll be enamored by our continued additions of Ladies Leather Bracelets!  Here are a couple of our favorites!

ladies leather bracelets (2) ladies leather bracelets









At Finders Keepers Jewelry, our collection of Jewelry on Trend continues to grow, keeping you in mind always.  We know you demand high fashion jewelry, all while keeping on a budget.  Whether you are looking for high fashion rings to charm bracelets and more, you will find them at our Online Boutique.  As you’ll soon discover, Fashion Jewelry Trends 2015 is the year of personalization!

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