Earrings For Your Face Shape


Finders Keepers Jewelry has done the research to tell you what earrings are best for your face shape! It’s hard to pair the correct pair so here are the tricks to matching earrings with your face shape!

Oblong – Go for anything round. Studs are your best friend. Hoops are great! All three will keep the attention away from your long and narrow features.

Rectangle – Small Studs. Rectangle shapes. Long oval hoops. Avoid round shapes!

Square – Over-sized round hoops. Long tear drop earrings. Chandeliers.

Triangle – Large ovals. Small circles. Earrings that are curved at the bottom. Avoid pointed shapes.

Diamond – Small hoops. Studs. Small drop earrings.

Heart – Triangular shapes. Chandeliers. Tear drop earrings. Medium sized hoops. Avoid studs or miniature hoops!

Round – Long earrings. Rectangular earrings. Long ovals. Avoid rounds and hoops shapes!

Oval – You lucky ducks! You can wear anything with your face shape!

There you have it! The best earrings for your face shape! Below are our top picks over at Finders Keepers! Click any of the pictures to head over to the product page. Don’t forget the winter sale ends SUNDAY! Promocode: WINTER20 for 20% off!!

FG389-2T 2

Chandelier earrings silver and black dangle earrings Beige Flower Rhinestone earring studs Oval CZ earrings black gold and rhinestone Round sparkle earrings rhinestone and gold Beaded dangle earrings with tear drop shape Tear drop rhinestone earrings with gold

Orange dangle earrings chandelier tear drops Rhinestone Gold hoops cross hoop earrings Twisted large gold hoop earrings Silver hoops small rhinestone

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