The Finders Keepers Jewelry Story

The Early Days

It’s incredible to think about the establishment of Finders Keepers Jewelry and where it is today.  In 2004, this venture started as a beautiful, little website, originally owned by a wonderful lady named Barb, from North Carolina.  In 2009, Barb needed to step away to take care of her mother who was ill.

During that same time frame, I was the owner of a busy wedding reception facility.  Although I enjoyed what I did, it wasn’t my passion.  Due to the demands in this type of business, it was a rare occasion to be able to spend much time with my family.  We were blessed, however, to have this business for 14 years.

Time for a Change

It was time for a change.  I decided I wanted to start an online business.  And I LOVE jewelry. Keep in mind, I had NO experience when it came to anything online.  I only knew how to throw good parties!  However, with God all things are possible.  I met Barb, we took over Finders Keepers Jewelry, and never looked back.  I still remember traveling back from North Carolina with 4 boxes of jewelry and a few directions on how to operate a successful online business.  Little did I know…I had A LOT to learn!

Due to the tremendous success of this online boutique jewelry store, we were able to sell our reception facility in December of 2012, and Finders Keepers Jewelry is our number one passion providing Fashion Jewelry that inspires.

Don’t get me wrong…there was a lot of trial and error; but with determination and praying Big Prayers, we persevered and grew more than we could imagine.

The Move…

February 16, 2015, Finders Keepers Jewelry officially moved to our new website home! Isn’t the site beautiful?  It will still take about a month, before we have updated everything.  Thank you in advance for your patience.

Moving to a new website home is a lot like moving from one home to another…except you sit and use a lot of brainpower.  I think I’m still recovering.


Finders Keepers Jewelry is only successful because of our many loyal customers who are also our friends.  If you are new to Finders Keepers Jewelry, welcome!  I can’t wait to get to know you, your likes/dislikes, etc.  As we get to know more about you, we strive to tailor our jewelry around your lifestyle and desires.  We often receive requests from our clients for specific jewelry, and we do our best to incorporate those styles.

We are a faith based business, and giving to others is just what we do; both locally and internationally.  As we continue to grow, we will be announcing specific events that will support a specific charity.  We are blessed to bless others!!

A Unique Fact…

Before every order leaves our warehouse, there is a prayer said for that individual.  Don’t you love to know that somebody prayed for you today?