Fashion Accessories for Women – The Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets have a long history of being one of women’s favorite fashion accessories. They have been in style forever, and that’s not an exaggeration! Archeologists studying ancient civilizations have found bracelets around the wrists of women in Egypt, in Rome, and in countries we no longer have a name for.  Women have always worn them as a way of symbolizing beauty, maturity, and wealth.

Fashion Statements

They are a fashion statement for a woman. Young girls rarely wear cuff bracelets. They are bold and strong, the power statement of a confident woman. They are anything but matronly, however. They have any kind of style imaginable, and they are being worn to make every kind of fashion statement. They are not just for the rich anymore. They have kind of a bad girl quality to them, and they are worn to impress.

Eye-catching confidence

The statement matters. Women wear jewelry to make a personal statement. Cuff bracelets don’t just complement an outfit. In fact, it’s the other way around. These bracelets are about attitude, and those who wear them do not pin themselves onto any kind of fashion rule. Women who are not afraid of catching eyes and turning heads wear cuff bracelets. Women who experiment. Women just like you who love a beautiful piece of jewelry.



That is to say that cuff bracelets, like the women who wear them, are diverse. They don’t have one style; they have as many styles as there are occasions to wear them. One cuff bracelet can be worn to work on Monday, worn with jeans on Friday, and worn with elegance on Saturday. Cuff bracelets are solid gold, rich, heavy pieces. They are cable wired, or thinly-wired, patterned and ethereal. They are gold, silver, and brass. Pearls, jewels, beads and stones. Large, small, tight or dangly. Elaborate carvings, lovely shapes. There is not just one kind of cuff bracelet—and not just one look with which to accessorize them.

What’s hot today?

The bracelets are particularly trendy right now, but there isn’t any particular style in favor. The long history of the bracelet is remembered, however, and one popular look gives a modern slant to an historical theme. Designs that are intricate and bring in a feeling of culture, like the Tribal Gold Cuff bracelet from Finders Keepers Jewelry are a particular trend nowadays. Look there for another popular favorite; bracelets with geometric shapes are hot today, and so are Christian bracelets, like the gold crosses that adorn the ends of the Gold Cross Cuff Bracelet

Good girl, bad girl, rich girl, poor girl, movie star, soccer mom. Cuff bracelets are in fashion. Wear them with anything, pair them with anything. Try to keep the rest of the jewelry to a minimum and make the cuff your statement piece, but if you don’t, the bracelet will still look fantastic. The only rule is, don’t wear one on each wrist. If you do, your cuffs will start to look like shackles!

Get In Style: Fabulous Statement Necklaces That Can Complete Your Look

A bold statement necklace will instantly transform even the drabbest of outfits. Need to break up an all-black ensemble? Why not add some sparkle with a glittery gold or silver bib necklace? Or play it vintage cool with a 60’s-style beaded turquoise necklace. With black or monochrome outfits, you can pick out any color or style of statement necklace, and your look will automatically go from boring to bling. Try it out! Or, I should say, try it on!

It’s easy to find fabulous statement necklaces that can complete your look. Whatever your style – sexy, chic, funky, fun, casual – we’ve got a wide array of beautiful and bold statement necklaces to match your style or, better yet, your mood!

The Look is the Necklace

Don’t have a lot of time to pick out the perfect outfit? Just pick out a necklace! Throw on any old thing, and pair it with a fabulous statement necklace for a look that can’t be beat. Need a quick outfit for a night on the town? Match a pair of jeans and heels with a bright and colorful, chunky turquoise necklace for something casual and urban chic. Going on a date? Spruce up that little black dress with a sexy but contemporary statement necklace. How about dancing? Get glam with a funky two-tone or multi-colored statement necklace.

Statement Nnecklace

If you really want to have some fun, mix and match two necklaces! That’s right – contrasting and coordinating two fabulous statement necklaces is a hot and edgy look right now. And the best part is, it’s all yours. No one can copy the look you choose. Why stop at one? Check out our wide selection of inventory for a fabulous statement necklace that can complete your look today.

Express Yourself

Express yourself with a fabulous statement necklace that can complete your look. Feeling classy? Put on a gorgeous pearl and gold statement necklace for a sophisticated and elegant look. Want to let your hair down and just kick-back and relax in the summer sun (maybe with a cool glass of white wine or a refreshing pink lemonade?). Slip on a maxi dress and a natural stone statement necklace for an instantly gorgeous but casual and effortless look.

You’re unique and versatile. Don’t get stuck in just one look. Have a variety of fabulous statement necklaces on hand so that you can express yourself in all the many ways you are.

Be Trendy

The statement necklace is the hottest trend right now. And the best part is – it’s easy and regret-free! No one looks back at photos and comments on how unfashionable their jewelry was. Their hair? Oh yes. Their dress? Probably. But a beautiful statement necklace never goes out of style (just look at Cleopatra. She was the queen of fabulous statement necklaces). Our fabulous collection of statement necklaces available on our exclusive fashion jewelry website can not only complete your look – they’re timeless and trendy

Be Mindful: Four Safety Tips When Wearing Large Hoop Earrings

I was told a story when I was seven-years-old. It was about an older girl, one of those beautiful, glamorous, high school goddesses that we all admired when we were in the second grade. This girl, whoever she was, had lovely waist length chestnut hair, and she loved wearing large hoop earrings. One day in the school hallway, a younger boy came running past her and grabbed a piece of her hair as he ran, pulling it. But, her long hair had gotten looped through her large earring and as he ran; he ripped the earring from her earlobe resulting in the hallway becoming flooded with blood and the girl needing months of major surgery to sew her ear back on. This is a true story. At least, it’s true that I heard it when I was seven. There was probably never any such girl. And although I swore never to wear large hoop earrings when I grew up, I do now without worry. But I take some precautions. Here are four safety tips when wearing large hoop earrings.

1) Wear your hair up

You won’t rip out your whole ear like our poor fictional high school queen, but you could cause yourself a little bit of pain if the earring pulls on your hair when you turn your head. As well, having hair tangled up in your earrings doesn’t look all that good. Certainly not as sophisticated as you will look with the earrings on display alone at the side of your face and your hair pulled back stylishly.


2) Put the earrings on last

You could cause a little bit of pain and pulling if your earring catches on your clothing, but you are more likely to damage the clothing, or the earring itself, when it snags on your knitwear and tears it, or pulls out of your ear and gets lost. So, get dressed first and put the earrings on last. Remember the earring when you take things off as well. I lose most of my earrings in the winter when I take off scarves and coats.

3) Babies and pets love the shiny

Dogs jump, cats swat and babies pull. These three have enough strength, or downward momentum to really hurt you. Consider where you are going when you put the earrings on in the morning.

4) No need to dress for athletic events

Sports really doesn’t require glamorous accessories, so keep them off for high energy activities, especially rough team sports. There is a lot of potential for damage here. Any activity that involves people at close quarters behaving boisterously is an activity where studs are more appropriate.

Hoops are always in fashion, and always gorgeous. They look good on everyone, and they make women feel good. You can find a great selection of large hoop earrings at Finders Keepers Jewelry to make you feel good about your look. Wear them with confidence, but don’t forget to be careful to wear them safely so that there is no damage to you or your clothes.


Jewelry Organization – Towel Rack

jawery-organization-1 Jewelry becomes an absolute mess whenever you acquire so much of it! I am a lover of jewelry and I have run out of room in my room, my drawers, my dressers, and my floor is starting to be taken over by jewelry. Necklaces are tangled together and my room is just a mess. Now I have started to find different ways to get that stuff off of the floor and my dressers and onto the walls, but also easily accessible.

I started browsing through ideas and got some ideas from my cousins. This is one of the ideas that I found and gathered from the internet and friends. I have two shower racks in my bathroom and one of them I don’t ever use. I decided it was time to change out my shower curtain (who doesn’t love a change of scenery once in a while?) and used the old hooks on my extra rack. I have a few strands of necklaces on each one and it is perfect! They are out of the way and easily accessible!

My next project are getting my earrings in a great place, stay tuned for some more ideas!

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