What Makes Fashion Jewelry More Appealing Than Fine Jewelry?

When it comes to looking for jewelry, you might think you have to spend lots of money for quality, however, Finders Keepers jewelry is an example of how you can find quality at prices you can afford. Our costume jewelry accessories are stylish, and you won’t even be able to tell the difference between our costume jewelry and fine jewelry sold at high-end stores.

Why Choose Us? WhatMakesFashionJewelryMoreAppealingThanFineJewelry

Our inexpensive costume jewelry stands out, such as our “Gold Tone Link Cross Necklace”. The gold links on the necklace are sewn together with black leather. Additionally, it comes with matching gold cross earrings as well. The fact that it looks like you’re wearing high quality items at a fraction of the cost of fine jewelry makes our accessories desirable. Interested in buying a gold necklace? You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for the real thing. You will turn heads with our “Gold Tone Statement” necklace, and it will go great with your little black dress. It is also mixed in with turquoise, and it has a pair of matching earrings too. In addition, you will be able to stand out in original and stylish pieces. You will be impressed with the quality of our jewelry, and they are fashionable as well. You can create your own look with our jewelry, and our items will complete any outfit.

Another example is our Gold Tone Pearl Earrings, which will go well with any outfit. The gold and the pearl complement each other nicely. Costume jewelry tends to be more alluring, and the styles are diverse as well. This is reflected in our selection, such as our “contemporary hinge bracelet”, or our “Gold tone hoop earrings”. Furthermore, you will notice that our style ranges from classy looks, to more vintage and even funky styles.

Timeless Quality

According to Collectors Weekly, costume jewelry is often made with materials and craftsmanship that is even better than fine jewelry. One reason for this is because the twentieth century changed how people perceived jewelry. You would often see women wearing precious stones and metals, which meant that jewelry was usually worn by the rich. Furthermore, it also symbolizes a woman’s faith, or even a period of mourning. On the other hand, the early Twentieth century brought about new materials, which was a haven for fashion designers. They used this to create jewelry as an expression of individuality and style. The materials they used included non-precious metals, so the designers could incorporate bigger pieces. Therefore, the jewelry is inexpensive, meaning they could be trendy and original. It will even help you keep up with the latest styles, just like with our jewelry. That is how you know you will be getting quality with us, whether it is to express your faith, or to wear fashionable and quality jewelry. Our costume jewelry website exhibits what we have to offer, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. You don’t have to run to the most expensive store to get quality and beautiful items, because you can find that at Finders Keepers.

Give the Gift of Choice!

We all love jewelry!  However, when buying for others, it’s difficult to decide which selection of fashion jewelry will be the best.  Finders Keepers Jewelry has the solution.  Beautiful Gift Certificates sent to you via email or regular mail.  You can check it out here:  bit.ly/1BDBUB2

Gift Cert. - Copy (2)Perfect for any occasion and any dollar amount.  You have asked us, and we have delivered!  Your special someone will love the selections and will be able to select the perfect bracelet, earrings, rings, or necklaces.  They’ll be excited to show you what they purchased with your gift!



Are You Ready for Summer?

Are You Ready for SUMMER-


Are you Ready for Summer???

Summer is one of my favorite seasons, as we spend a lot of time outside. How about you?  Do you have your wardrobe Summer Ready?

It’s All About Color!!!

This year it’s all about color!!  You’ll not only find the “Classics” at Finders Keepers Jewelry; but you will fall in love with the many colorful accessories just in time for the new season.

You’ll find some of the Best Statement Necklaces filled with color and gorgeous colorful Bracelets and Rings.  Oh, don’t forget the beautiful Earrings to complete your style!


To celebrate the upcoming Summer Season, we have a sweet deal!  For all orders $25.00 and up, we are offering a 10% discount PLUS free shipping! How sweet is that!!  Good now through May 13!!!! (Free Shipping for U.S. Customers only)

Stop by and stock up for all your Summer Favorites!!!

A Favorite Statement

Each week, I love to showcase one of our many beauties on our website.  It’s so difficult to select this weekly feature, because, I love them all!  Since Spring is here, and summer is on the horizon, I decided I would feature this beautiful Bib Necklace:


I love the quality found throughout this upscale, high fashion Statement Necklace.  When selecting Statement Necklaces, I always try to find versatile pieces that will be fabulous dressed casual or dressed up for a night on the town.  This Necklace Set is the perfect combination!

The Turquoise Acrylic Stones contrast beautifully with the simple, pale green, rhinestone embellishments.  The Gold Tone Link Necklace is on trend, and the perfect element for this style.  The Darling Dangle Earrings complete this Statement Jewelry set.  Whether your favorite tee or little black dress, this Necklace will be perfect!  We do have some of the Best Statement Necklaces, and you can discover them by visiting Finders Keepers Jewelry, where we do everything with beauty and love!

Cool Cardigan, Cool Jewels

A lot of you may notice that ever so often I pick out clothing and pair our beautiful jewels.  You also may notice, that I feature clothes I discover from Kat’s Closet Boutique.  Well, there’s a good reason.  This beautiful website features boutique style clothing without breaking the bank, and is the brainchild of my beautiful daughter Katharyn (nickname:  Kat) Who doesn’t want to brag on their kids once in awhile?

This post features one of my favorites from Kat’s Closet, and it’s a lightweight, extra long Cardigan.  Tribal Patterns continue to be on trend, and this Cardigan is perfect for all seasons, including Spring and Summer. I like the style shown on the model; but I’ve seen women wear this style with shorts and leggings.

pico jacket


It’s so easy to add a variety of cool baubles with this outfit, and create completely different looks.  Here are a few of my favorites that I wear with this outfit:

FG358A FG586C FS287CWhen simple, on trend chic is desired, these three pieces are the perfect accessories.  Extra Long Necklaces are popular, and if you wanted, you can even layer your necklaces, by adding additional gold tone necklaces in graduating sizes.  The simple gold tone Link Bracelet, along with the semi-precious Stone Ring adds just the right amount of class.

FG429B FS223A FG420CTurquoise Jewelry adds a punch of on trend color with this outfit, and what a beautiful combination of high fashion.  When I wear these favorite jewels of mine, I get compliments, even from complete strangers, every where I go.

I’m sure you can create your own ensemble of beauties to pair with this cardigan.  For additional Fashion Jewelry accessories, visit us at Finders Keepers Jewelry! Everything we do is done with love and beauty!

A Favorite Cuff

Copper Jewelry adds such a unique, refreshing trend, and this Cuff Bracelet is a stunner!  I love the aged copper tone detailing, boasting a beautiful, beading detail mosaic center.  Wrapped in deep black, thin cording, this Bracelet is a work of art.  

FG27F COPY ONE FG27FThe combination of copper, gold, and jet black creates a high end Fashion Bracelet.  For only $18.95, this Bracelet is a must-have addition to your Inexpensive Costume Jewelry collection!  Love and Beauty surrounds this chic Bracelet!  For more upscale Fashion Jewelry at an affordable price, be sure to check Finders Keepers Jewelry, where new baubles are added daily!