Bracelet Trends 2016

New Arrivals - bracelets

Bracelet trends 2016 are starting to ramp up into full-swing! Arm candy is the best way to accentuate a simple outfit.  An easy cuff or a statement bracelet can tie together colors in your outfit that you couldn’t bring out in any other way. Check out the on-trend bracelets below!

Bracelet Trends 2016 silver tone open cuff

Bracelet Trends 2016 gold criss-cross x hinge bangle cuff

Bracelet Trends 2016 gold wave hinge statement large

Bracelet Trends 2016 bangle christian cross white gold pendant

Bracelet Trends 2016 Yellow boutique statement

Bracelet Trends 2016 bangle gold tone silver tone

Bracelet Trends 2016

What are your favorite bracelet trends for 2016? Big, small, silver, gold, statement or subtle? We love them all and seriously cannot choose. I think my jewelry box is overflowing with 3 of every style!

Monday Motivation

monday motivation (1)

Happy Monday!

I know that Monday motivation may not be the first thing to look for, but it’s a great read with your coffee in hand.

Do not give up on what you’re trying to accomplish this week because you are the only one standing in the way of you and the finish line! It’s going to be a great week and you’re going to succeed in whatever you put your mind to!

Let us know what you’ve set your mind on this Monday by tagging us with #mondaymotivation #finderskeepersjewelry.

Be on the look out for new jewelry arrivals this week! We have a great line up for you. So when in doubt – shop it out!

New Jewelry Arrivals

JEWELRY new arrivals

Like I’ve said in the previous posts . . . we’ve been busy! New jewelry has arrived and we’re working super hard to get it up on the website for you A-S-A-P!

Unfortunately, sometimes the new jewelry arrivals take longer than expected to upload. Lucky for you we’re going to extend the winter sale for three more days!

This entire week everything on the website has been 20% off. This includes everything that has just been uploaded. Hello – 20% off brand new styles, yes, please!

Below are some of our favs and what you can find freshly posted on the website. Sale runs through Wednesday at midnight so don’t wait because the newbies won’t be around forever!
Promocode: WINTER20

Natural Stone Necklace Slate Gold Jewelry Natural Stone Jewelry Necklace Orange Natural Pendant Necklace Set with earrings beads blue Beaded Jewelry statement necklace with natural stones gold tone Black and gold chain and bead necklace set earrings

Earrings For Your Face Shape


Finders Keepers Jewelry has done the research to tell you what earrings are best for your face shape! It’s hard to pair the correct pair so here are the tricks to matching earrings with your face shape!

Oblong – Go for anything round. Studs are your best friend. Hoops are great! All three will keep the attention away from your long and narrow features.

Rectangle – Small Studs. Rectangle shapes. Long oval hoops. Avoid round shapes!

Square – Over-sized round hoops. Long tear drop earrings. Chandeliers.

Triangle – Large ovals. Small circles. Earrings that are curved at the bottom. Avoid pointed shapes.

Diamond – Small hoops. Studs. Small drop earrings.

Heart – Triangular shapes. Chandeliers. Tear drop earrings. Medium sized hoops. Avoid studs or miniature hoops!

Round – Long earrings. Rectangular earrings. Long ovals. Avoid rounds and hoops shapes!

Oval – You lucky ducks! You can wear anything with your face shape!

There you have it! The best earrings for your face shape! Below are our top picks over at Finders Keepers! Click any of the pictures to head over to the product page. Don’t forget the winter sale ends SUNDAY! Promocode: WINTER20 for 20% off!!

FG389-2T 2

Chandelier earrings silver and black dangle earrings Beige Flower Rhinestone earring studs Oval CZ earrings black gold and rhinestone Round sparkle earrings rhinestone and gold Beaded dangle earrings with tear drop shape Tear drop rhinestone earrings with gold

Orange dangle earrings chandelier tear drops Rhinestone Gold hoops cross hoop earrings Twisted large gold hoop earrings Silver hoops small rhinestone

Pearls and Statement Necklaces


Pearls and statement necklaces are a trend that will not go away any time soon. We are here today to tell you what your closet is missing and show you our top 5 favs!

Pearls have been in-style in the past and the future doesn’t show signs of ignoring this trend. We have seen pearls featured by Channel, Oscar de la Renta, Simone Rocha, Honor and Lanvin in recent runway shows making a huge statement.

Um, hello? You want to be chic and sassy, don’t you?!

Here are our top 5 Finders Keepers favs for the not-so-basic, pearl look:

Pearl NecklaceLengthy pearls make a huge statement paired with a simple blouse or a solid colored dress in need of small embellishments.

With traces of both gold and silver, you will be able to layer different metals in your bracelets and earrings to match. You cannot go wrong!





Pearl Statement Necklace


A statement necklace paired with classic earrings like this can create a luxury style look to any outfit.

Whether you’re looking to dress in a business casual style or successfully put together a red-carpet-affair look, this one’s for you! 
Pearl Statement Necklace 




Flirty, fun and festive without going too overboard is exactly what this necklace portrays.

Need something new for date night? Going to a carnival with the kiddos, but don’t want to dress for work? Pair this one with a simple striped T or a jersey dress for a unique and casual look.


Pearl Statement Necklace 

Tying together rope, gold and pearls makes this a number one fav.

Taking this seasons  mixed media style, paired with classic pearls and the hot gold trend – this necklace is a knockout! It will match just about everything and bring a classy-sassy look to your wardrobe.
Pearl Statement Necklace



This statement piece takes unique colors and classic pearls to the next level.

With the full look, this necklace is piece that you will easily gain girl-friend approval over.

Come on – it’s adorable!!






Add all of these and more to your wardrobe by shopping at Finders Keepers Jewelry. Now through January 10th you will receive 20% off with promo code: WINTER20.

Happy shopping!!

We’re Back | 10 Trends for 2016

We're Back (2)

Happy New Year!

2016 is here and we’re working hard to bring you the most cutting edge jewelry of the season. Be watching the website closely as new pieces will emerge. They won’t last long because this fashion forward jewelry will be following the season’s hottest trends.

Don’t be left in the dust. Follow us on social media outlets. We will email you weekly with new arrivals as well as flash sale discounts if you’re on our mailing list! 

10 Trends for 2016:

Below are 10 trends hitting 2016 with full-force. Coming soon for Finders Keepers Jewelry!

  1. Cuffs – Arms and ears
  2. Crystals – Everywhere
  3. Flowers – On everything
  4. Geometric Finds – Must have
  5. Pearls – Classic
  6. Fringe – Sassy
  7. Hoops – Forever
  8. Layers – Boho chic
  9. Tribal Finds – To shake things up
  10. Chokers – Punky

Hopefully, this line up gets you a little excited for what’s to come at Finders Keepers! Spread the word, tell your friends, it’s time to shop!

20% off through January 10th – Promo Code: WINTER20


Express Your Sense Of Style – Fashion Jewelry Trends 2015

Jewellery and other decorations in decorative box heart shape

This is a great year for those who love Trendy Fashion Jewelry!  Fashion Jewelry Trends in 2015 are all about YOU expressing your style.  Gone are the days when there were rules in how you are to wear your jewelry…the “Unspoken Rules” that you are to wear only one simple necklace, one simple pair of earrings, etc., etc., etc.

This year, it’s all about making a statement about who you are!  Whether you are into the simple and chic, or bold and dramatic, YOU are in style.  Your jewelry reflects a lot about you and your sense of style…in other words, “Don’t leave home without accessorizing!  You don’t have to break the bank to find that perfect Necklace, Bracelet, etc. to create your perfect style.  Speaking of Statement, the Best Statement Necklaces are always found at Finders Keepers Jewelry.  We are always adding Jewelry on Trend, Jewelry on Budget.  Here are a few of our favorite Statement Necklaces for Women:

statement necklaces for women Statement Necklaces for Women (2)








Another popular style of Fashion Jewelry hitting the runway fashion is our collection of Christian Jewelry for Women.  You’ll be impressed with the additions coming weekly to our Inspirational Christian Jewelry collection.  These items include Leather Christian Bracelets, Cross Beaded Bracelets, and Contemporary Christian Jewelry.  A sampling of our collection is pictured below, some of these gorgeous pieces will be added in October.  You don’t want to miss, so you’ll always want to keep checking Finders Keepers Jewelry daily.  Just a warning, we sell out fast with our Cross Jewelry collection as they are sensational Christian Gifts for Women!  Here are a few of our favorites!

Christian Gifts for Womenchristian Gifts for women (2)Christian Jewelry for WomenFG73A

This year, it’s all about making a statement about who you are!  Do you love pearls?  The more the better.  Layer your Pearl Necklaces creating a dramatic flair while keeping with your inner femininity.  To assist you, Finders Keepers Jewelry has an extra long, 34 inch, pearl necklace which can be sized to your liking.  Many clients purchase several to layer their pearls from high to low. And add them with a Vintage Chic 14 inch Collar Necklace.  (This item coming to our store October 15)


We have close to one thousand Necklaces in a variety of styles from Extra Long Necklaces to Semi Precious Stone Necklaces, as well as a large selection in gold and silver.  You’ll be impressed with the selection of 2015 Jewelry Trends all designed with you in mind.  New items are always added daily.  That being said, we can’t forget your wrists!

Layering is continuing to be popular this year.  This includes subtle layers with just a few Bangles, to creating a bold design including Charm Bracelets, Stretch Bracelets, paired beautifully with Bangle Bracelets!  Here are a few must haves that you need to add to your Trendy Boutique Jewelry collection!

Cuff Bracelets for women are the perfect go to bracelet.  Why?  They are fabulous for a day at the office and transition beautifully well into the evening!  Here are a couple of our favorites!

Stone Cuff Bracelet Butterfly bracelets for womenMaking a strong fashion style this year is the continued resurgent of leather bracelets.  You’ll be enamored by our continued additions of Ladies Leather Bracelets!  Here are a couple of our favorites!

ladies leather bracelets (2) ladies leather bracelets









At Finders Keepers Jewelry, our collection of Jewelry on Trend continues to grow, keeping you in mind always.  We know you demand high fashion jewelry, all while keeping on a budget.  Whether you are looking for high fashion rings to charm bracelets and more, you will find them at our Online Boutique.  As you’ll soon discover, Fashion Jewelry Trends 2015 is the year of personalization!

Be sure to always visit us online or on Facebook,  Twitter, or Instagram!