How to Have it All Giveaway and Sale Code!

Our friends over at How to Have it All are currently featuring some of our jewelry! They are hosting a giveaway of the items pictured below as well as hosting a 10% off sale. Clicking this link or the pictures below will take you to the special discount code! Also, click the link above or the picture below to enter the giveaway!

Pick of the Week!

Kassidy $24.95

You’ll love the polished Natural Stones as they are surrounded by beautiful Montana Blue Rhinestones and gold tone deatailing! Trendy, yet exquisite and chic! This upscale Rhinestone Bracelet measures 2 inches at its widest point and will be fabulous dressed up or dressed casually. This is a GORGEOUS and unique hinge bracelet for easy on and off. Designed to fit medium to larger wrists best. Love and must have!

New Arrivals!

We have been doing our best to keep new jewelry coming into our store weekly! Continue to check for new jewelry and jewelry restocks because we have been busy!


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Clothing Coming Soon!

Finders Keepers Jewelry is partnering with a growing business that will be announced soon! Stay tuned for a fashion forward clothing site!


Pick of the Week!

fk324b440x640Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This week’s pick of the week has to be in the holiday spirit. . . so silver and green is it! Sorry, no pot of gold this time. Finders Keepers Jewelry’s pick of the week are these vintage rhinestone earrings – Wendy.

These earrings will be perfect for spring as well as all holidays with green! There are only two left in stock and selling for $9.95 each they will go fast!

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Pick of the Week!

Collage Pick of the Week 3.3.14March is upon us! Can you believe it?! March 3, 2014 already, how time flies!

This week at Finders Keepers Jewelry we had a really hard time picking a favorite so we decided to pick three! The more the merrier!

Starting with the top right we have a new item a gold Anchor Cable Bangle Bracelet that is the perfect accent to any outfit. Right now we have two left in stock selling for $11.25 each. The long necklace in the middle is one of my person favorites. This is also a new item, a Natural Stone Pendant Necklace selling for $20.00 and also has two left in stock. It coordinates with so many different outfits because of the dark and light tones in the pendants. The Extra Long Dangle Earrings (the picture in this link looks better) on the right are simply awesome. They make a huge statement and dress up every outfit. Selling for $12.00 each there is one left in stock so hurry and claim them while you can!

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Pick of the Week!

FG204BThis week Finders Keepers Jewelry has a special item picked for our pick of the week! This week our Natural Stone Necklace Set – Red has been chosen. This is the perfect necklace set for any occasion and will help spice up any outfit. At $14.95 for a set, you simply cannot beat the price to have matching earrings with your necklace!

What is unique about this necklace is how many different colors we have in stock! Normally, at Finders Keepers Jewelry, we are limited to small quantities and only one or two variations of each item, but in this case we have several! Black, White, Turquoise, and Red are all in stock, all of them include necklace and earrings, and are all the same price. This is not a deal you can pass up!

To find this item click the picture to the left or anyone of the links above!

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Pick of the Week!

We have been so incredibly busy at Finders Keepers Jewelry packing and shipping we forgot about our pick of the week! So just a few days late here it comes!


This week’s pick of the week features one of our newest items this Boutique Style Cuff Bracelet in turquoise. This bracelet is on our website in turquoise as well as black and white. Personally, I prefer the turquoise because everyone needs a little splash of color with their outfit!  Priced at $15.95 a piece these bracelets are perfect for every outfit!

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Pick of the Week!

FK46This week for Finders Keepers Jewelry Pick of the Week we have selected our Precious Pearl cable bangle. This bangle costs $14.95 and we only have 3 left in stock! We chose this item because we have seen cable bangles everywhere for the past year and they are still around. We see them on celebrities and all over fashion shows. These bracelets are not going away anytime soon and now is the perfect time to stock up on them! You can never have too many. Cable bangles at Finders Keepers Jewelry come in many different sizes and colors. Follow this link to look at all of our bangles!

Let us know what you favorite item is in the comments below!

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Pick of the Week!


Finders Keepers Jewelry  pick of the week is back! This week our featured item is Katelyn, a black and gold chevron earring set, selling for only $11.25! These earrings will look perfect with any outfit and match a lot of other jewelry pieces because of the colors in the earrings. Also, they are incredibly light earrings for those of you who don’t like the constant pull and tugging on your earlobes, but are also about 2 3/4 inches long.

This Katelyn set makes a statement where ever they go, whether that is down to the grocery store or out on the town! They are perfect for dressing up or dressing casually. You simply cannot go wrong with this pair of earrings.

There are only 3 left in stock and they are going to go fast. Hurry and place your order now by following this link. As always, thanks for stopping by and pass us along to family and friends!

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